DevOps Fundamentals

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Dias: 2
Duração: 14 horas
Próxima Data: 07/10/2021 a 08/10/2021
Área: Devops
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Local: Lisboa e Porto

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The DevOps Fundamentals training course explains what DevOps involves and how it can contribute to realizing continuous customer value. DevOps is a working method that is aimed at improving collaboration, communication and integration and – of course – automating the value streams between customers, software developers and operational IT professionals. DevOps maximizes customer value by enabling services to be designed, developed and implemented more quickly, and making them available faster. Higher customer satisfaction, better quality, faster delivery and lower costs are all benefits of DevOps.


This course is aimed at providing you with essential knowledge of DevOps and expanding your DevOps vocabulary. You will gain insight into the principles and working methods of DevOps. Above all, the DevOps Fundamentals training course is designed to encourage you to fulfill the role of an inspirer of change. You will learn to motivate and guide others by sharing your knowledge and experiences and by applying what you have learned about DevOps and will learn in the future.


  • The DevOps Fundamentals training course covers the major concepts and principles of DevOps. Related frameworks and methodologies like Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Lean are also looked at, alongside – most importantly – the mindset needed to make DevOps a success. Important elements covered in the course include:
  • benefits of DevOps and continuous delivery in relation to customer value
  • Service Delivery process
  • concepts of test automation, infrastructure automation, and build and deployment automation
  • DevOps’ relationship to Lean and Agile
  • case studies of IT organizations that are undergoing a transformation to Adaptive IT and DevOps models
  • most common and popular DevOps tools
  • critical success factors for a DevOps implementation


The course is suitable for anyone who desires to acquire knowledge of and experience with the DevOps working method and wants to understand how DevOps creates value. Your role might be, for example, Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, software developer, consultant, IT operations manager, service manager or perhaps CIO or marketer.

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