DASA DevOps: Fundamentals

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Área: Devops
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The DevOps Fundamentals training course explains what DevOps involves and how it can contribute to realizing continuous customer value. DevOps is a working method that is aimed at improving collaboration, communication and integration and – of course – automating the value streams between customers, software developers and operational IT professionals. DevOps maximizes customer value by enabling services to be designed, developed and implemented more quickly, and making them available faster. Higher customer satisfaction, better quality, faster delivery and lower costs are all benefits of DevOps.


Anyone who requires a detailed understanding of DevOps principles, such as project and business managers, all professionals involved in IT quality assurance, testing and service management and anyone involved in the development, operation and delivery of IT services.


  • DevOps Introduction
    • Emergence of DevCops
    • Core Concepts of DevOps
    • DevOps Agile Skill Association (DASA)
  • Culture
    • Introduction to a DevOps Culture
    • Key Elements of DevOps
    • Implementation of a DevOps Culture
  • Organization
    • Organizational Models
    • Autonomous Teams
    • Architecture Styles
    • Governance
  • Processes
    • Introduction to Agile, Scrum and Kanban
    • DevOps in Relation to ITSM
    • Scrum Essentials
    • Optimization of Processes Using Lean
    • Business Value Optimization and Business Analysis Using Story Mapping
    • Software Delivery Lifecycle in a DevOps Organization
  • Automation
    • Automation for Delivery of Software
    • Continuous Delivery Core Concepts
    • Continuous Delivery Automation Concepts
    • Continuous Delivery Automation Focus Topics
    • Emergence of Cloud Technology and Principles
    • Cloud Service Concepts in a DevOps Organization
    • Automated Provisioning Concepts
    • Plattform Product Characteristics and Application Maturity
  • Measure and Improvement
    • Importance of Measurement
    • Identify Right Metrics
    • Monitoring and Logging


Basic familiarity with Agile, Scrum, Lean, and ITSM principles is beneficial.

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